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Iberital Espresso Maker

Ibertal Electronic

General Specifications:

  • Programmable Electronic Volumetric dosage (four different doses + continuous).
  • Independent electronic CPU's for each group (for 2gr and 3gr espresso machines).
  • Steam outlet pipe in stainless steel (two steam outlets for 2gr and 3gr espresso machines)
  • Pump and motor built-in.
  • Programmable hot water outlet from CPU.
  • Hot water outlet (anti-splash) directly from water mains or the boiler.
  • Iberital Espresso Maker
  • Heating Element:1gr 1800W- 2gr2600W/3800W and 3gr3700 W / 5000W
  • Heating element protector device built-in.
  • Boiler capacity:1gr 6 L.-2gr 14L. - 3gr 20L.
  • Visual water level of the boiler built-in.
  • Automatic water fills up of the boiler.
  • Easy location of the boiler drain-outtap.
  • Starter relay 25 A built-in.
  • Finishes on side panels: Black or stainless steel.

* Leva steam valves (optional)

Coffee Grinders

Coffee Grinders

General Specifications:

  • Full range of machines available to suit every need
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Range of colours available
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