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ZIP Hydroboil

Wall Mounted - ZIP Hydroboil

All the best features

You get better tasting tea and coffee because Zip Hydroboil really BOILS.
You enjoy lower running costs because Zip Hydroboil is highly energy-efficient. You can count on its reliability because Zip Hydroboil is so simple in its design. Your maintenance costs are minimised because Zip Hydroboil is built to last.

Lincat Filter Flow Automatic Water Boiler

Countertop - Lincat EB6F, EB4F and EB3F

Behind the stylish and modern exterior of Lincat's Automatic Water Boilers you will find many functional improvements. Descaling has been made simple by the inclusion of an all-new easy descale system, with steam emissions reduced by way of an internal condensing function. The boilers also come with attractive spill trays and stainless steel backs as standard. Ideal for front of house as well as behind the scenes in busy kitchens, hotels, (pubs, clubs, hospitals and canteens. Product Code Power rating Rapid draw off.

Product Code

Power Rating

Rapid Draw Off










Hobart BRG And BEX Undercounter Boiler

Hobart BRG and BEX Undercounter Water Boilers

General Specifications:

  • 4 models available to suit every need
  • Range of taps & fonts available




Hourly Output

BRG 200-10

Gas heated

59,000 btu/hr

94.6 litres (200 pints)

BEX 9-11

Electrically heated

9kw 400/50/3

42.5 litres ( 90 pints)

BEX 18-11

Electricall heated

18kw 400/50/3

86.0 litres (182 pints)

BEX 27-11

Electrically heated

27kw 400/50/3

128.0 litres (271 pints)

Instanta WB2 Hot Water

Instanta WB2 Hot Water / Steam

General Specifications:

  • Advanced electronic controls
  • Large high pressure non-drip taps
  • Insulated for economy and user safety
  • Low voltage switching on all controls
  • Unique Instanta diagnostic service codes
  • Powerful 14psi working pressure
  • Spill tray included
  • Vacuum relief and safety valves
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